What we do

Here at HAPI, we are passionate about the power of nutrition and consider it to be the cornerstone of health.  Without it, we are more at risk to all kinds of chronic illness and disease.  We also see everyone as an individual, with different needs, lifestyles, likes, dislikes and responses to therapy.  We consider the whole person, linking mind, body and soul.  Being connected strongly influences health and having support is essential for wellbeing and longevity.


At HAPInutrition, we offer a different kind of service……a personal one!  With 100% engagement from our nutritionists available on demand to help you meet your nutritional and health goals.


We offer a premium package where you can enjoy one-to-one coaching through our interactive HAPIcoach app.  This means your HAPIcoach will take the time to learn your habits and goals.  With this information about YOU, your HAPIcoach will provide tailor-made suggestions and provide support to improve your diet and reach your health goals.


All of our HAPcoaches are registered Nutritional Therapists and Dietitians, experienced in providing sound nutrition advice and dealing with clients of various profiles.