HAPI philosophy

Believing in the importance of the whole and the inter-dependence and inter-connectedness of parts we approach the mind, body as a whole and the individual and community as a whole.

We strive to be the best we can be in all we do and embrace self development and pass on our skills, coaching others to be the best that they can be also.  We only use experts to develop effective products and services.

We provide products and services and information that empower individuals and communities to make long-lasting changes and attain optimum wellness.

With the right tools and the right attitude we believe that our futures are bright and healthy. We have faith in the ability of individuals and society to transform.

We celebrate the fact that we are all different and hence focus on 1 to 1 advice and programmes that fit with an individuals lifestyle, likes, dislikes and meets their health/life objectives.

At HAPI we believe we are happier, healthier and more fulfilled as individuals when we are part of a community whether that be your friends or family or wider society. We aim to work with communities on every scale to help them achieve HAPIness ®

Our Story.
Why we are different:
Passion for nutrition.
Nutritional therapy.
Make affordable. Make more than about dieting/weight loss. Nutrition is so much more than this – the cornerstone of health – prevention chronic disease – optimum health.
Truly holistic approach to wellness – just about what you look like – weight loss – about holistic approach to body/mind.
Feeling good. Side effect of looking good.
What is HAPIness?
Optimum wellness which you get from HAPI+Wellness = HAPIness. The foundation/cornerstone of HAPIness optimum wellness is optimum nutrition.
The virtuous HAPIness cycle.
Nutrition the foundation of health.