What to expect from your HAPIness coaching programme:

Tailored To You:

We’ll start with you, your goals, lifestyle, your likes and dislikes.  Then your coach will work with you to develop a personalised plan to help you make healthier and energising nutritional choices.

Personalised coaching:

We’ll match you with a coach who will empower you, support you and guide you every step of your journey.  They will never judge your choices but focus on keeping you on track to meet your goals.  You’ll be able to choose the style of coaching and even chose the coach from our list of qualified and certified nutritional therapists.

Daily Support:

Your coach and our team will check in with you daily to make sure you are staying on track and you can ask them as many questions as you like.


Our Nutritional Coaches are all registered Nutritional Therapists who have all been trained to very high standards and are experts in their field. We will match our coaches to your goals so you can get 1 to 1 advice specific to your needs and requirements.


You’ll be amazed how making small changes will make a dramatic difference and that’s all about changing habits. Changing habits is easy to say but harder to put in place, but once you’ve gained access to key knowledge through our platform and your coach you will soon discover and understand how food can have such an impact to your weight, mood, immune system and well being. Our step by step approach will guide you towards your goal for the long term.

True value:

A one hour session with one of our registered Nutritional Therapists can cost up to £120. At only £27.99 per month you get daily access to your coach and we hope this will make optimum wellness more affordable for many people.


With our coaching program you’re never alone, let’s work together on getting you looking and feeling at your best. Your coach is available and will reply to your queries within one working day to answer your questions and further more will guide you to healthy living with a range of best practices and key nutritional life changing tips and tricks that you’ll be able to implement immediately. With our app your coach will be monitoring your eating habits to make sure you are on point to reaching your goals. You’ll receive meal validations for every meal thats on point and encouragement for every good meal choice!

Satisfaction 100% guaranteed

We are so confident in our expert nutritional coaches that if you are not 100% satisfied after your first month of coaching then we’ll return your money, no hassle, no quibble.

Proven results:

Great results, eating well and never looking back
I’ve never felt this good about myself before, thanks to HAPI
I love feeling good about myself. HAPI has helped me change my life, I’m very impressed with their work.


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